5 Reasons You Should Go to Car Dealership Technicians

When your Cherokee, Wrangler, Compass, or Renegade requires repairs or maintenance, one of the first questions you’ll think of is should you go to a Jeep Bowen Hills technician or the corner garage? While there are pros and cons for either choice, it pays to determine which outweighs which based on your personal preferences.

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In this article, the focus is on advantages of going to a dealer auto shop.

1. You can expect a high level of expertise

Automotive companies make sure that those who service vehicles under their brand have a deep knowledge of the parts, design, and mechanisms of each of their models.

For instance, a reputable Jeep dealer in Brisbane, such as the one found at www.brisbanecityjeep.com.au, can employ only certified Mopar mechanics. Many a Jeep technician Brisbane has will have undergone manufacturer-specific training, which is typically offered exclusively to dealers of their brand.

2. You get to enjoy warranty for service and parts

If your set of wheels is still under warranty, then Jeep Bowen Hills mechanics will do repairs and you don’t have to spend a single dollar. In case there are any charges, they can be a quite small amount.

When your vehicle needs something fixed but it isn’t covered by the warranty, the dealership technician can still provide the service if you’re willing to pay. The good news is the dealer can offer you a separate warranty for the work and/or parts. So in case you experience the same problem later on, they can repair it for free.

3. You are guaranteed of original and high-quality parts

Shops specialising in Jeep maintenance Brisbane has are required by the car company to use original, manufacturer-made parts. This means you won’t have to worry about getting replacements that are of inferior quality or aren’t compatible with the rest of your vehicle. In addition, most automakers offer warranties for the parts and their installation.

4. Dealership mechanics have top facilities

Most dealers’ garages service several cars at one time. Thus, their facilities are typically bigger. Furthermore, dealership repair and maintenance centres tend to be more organised and cleaner, not to mention more high-end when it comes to equipment and technology. This is to ensure that they are up to par with the manufacturer’s standards and can perform any required work on various models, even the newest ones with the latest high-tech features.

5. A dealer’s technicians are updated on recalls and service bulletins

In case there are any current recalls on certain Brisbane Jeep for sale models, dealership mechanics are already informed about this and can automatically check when you bring your ride in for service. They are also updated on the technical service bulletin or TBS. This is a special announcement from the automaker to a dealer service which provides details on a special procedure of repair for a particular problem.

Finally, your Jeep Bowen Hills dealership is focused on providing customer satisfaction. In line with that, they offer top technician services to make sure their clients and their cars stay happy. You can breathe easier knowing your ride is in expert hands.

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